Lecture 8

Lookahead and Brent-Kung Adders


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Table of Contents


Arithmetic Building Blocks

Express Sum and Carry as a function of P, G, D

Carry-Bypass Adder

Manchester-Carry Implementation

Carry-Bypass Adder (cont.)

Carry Ripple versus Carry Bypass

Carry Select Adder: Critical Path 

Linear Carry Select 

Square Root Carry Select 

Adder Delays - Comparison 

LookAhead - Basic Idea 

Look-Ahead: Topology

Logarithmic Look-Ahead Adder

Brent-Kung Adder

Brent-Kung Adder

Binary Multiplication

The Array Multiplier

The MxN Array Multiplier Critical Path

Author: Sanjeev Gunawardena 

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Other information:
This lecture concludes the discussion on adders.