EE4143/5143 Design of Digital Circuits

Course Description

This course aims to convey knowledge about digital circuit design in state of the art CMOS technologies and programmable devices like FPGAs. Emphasis is on the circuit design, optimization, and test of very high speed, high density or low power circuits for use in applications such as micro-processors, signal and multimedia processors, memory and periphery. Special attention is devoted to behavioral and structural design concepts, hardware description and design tools. VHDL language, data types, objects, operators, control statements, concurrent statements, functions, and procedures. VHDL modeling techniques, algorithmic, RTL, and gate level designs will be discussed. Introduction to very large scale integration technology and design of CMOS integrated circuits will be provided. Emphasis in this course is on virtual prototyping, circuit design, design synthesis, optimization, verification, and testing. This will reflected in both the lectures and the preferred projects.



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International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors

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