The Beach

Holden Beach My favorite beach to go to would have to be Holden Beach. I have been going to this beach almost every year since I was a kid.The houses that you stay in down there are really nice and the whole island has such a great atmosphere about it. The sand and water are the best part. The beach itself is very clean and pretty.The water is also very calm but also can have some good waves.

Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach is definently the place to go if you want to stay busy and have a blast all the time. Myrtle Beach has the Nascar Speedpark which is a bunch of go-kart tracks. They also have about a million putt-putt golf courses. For example their are pirate, dinosaur, plane crash, and volcano courses to play at. Their are usually more crowds of people at Myrtle as compared to Holden because Myrtle Beach is full of hotels which are mostly oceanfront.

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