Different ISP

Time Warner Cable:Time Warner Cable has basic high speed internet for $34.95 a month with a bandwidth of 10,000,000 bps. They also have the same basic service with a power boost. This will cost $44.95 and has a bandwidth of 15,000,000 bps.

Comcast:Another ISP is Comcast and they have a basic high speed service for $19.99 a month with 10,000,000 bps bandwidth. The same service comes with power boost for the same price but with a 15,000,000 bps bandwidth.

Cox:The last ISP I looked up was Cox. They have a high speed internet service at $19.95 a month with up to 9,000,000 bps bandwidth. Their best service is the DOCSIS 3.0 which costs $89.99 a month and has 50,000,000 bps bandwidth.

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