Neurons: The Power Lines of The Body

All of the thoughts and actions in your body are a result of signals passing through long electrical cables called neurons. These signals are not coded in the form of scripts but in all or nothing electrochemical impulses. Technically a Neuron is an electrically excitable cell that is capable of processing multiple post synaptic potentials.It is composed of five major parts. The Dendrites, Soma or cell body, Axon Hillock, Axon and the Presynaptic terminal.

A post synaptic potential is the message received by the dendrites and sent to the soma or cell body. You can think of the cell body as the office worker who keeps quiet about the weekends Mr.Lumbergh has called him in until his copier is fails again and he sends it a signal with a baseball bat. The officer worker was stimulated to a point where he had to act.The soma( our angry office worker) is stimulated to act by receiving the signals from neighboring neurons.These clusters of tiny Mr. Lumbergh's send so many excitatory signals that a snapping point it reached. This snapping point is known as threshold.Threshold is an imaginary line that represents a value in millivolts where the axon hillock will fire an action potential down the axon.This action potential is then carried to the presynaptic terminal which will release neurotransmitter.

Now when two neurons meet they generally like to communicate with one another. This exchange of information isn't done with emoji's or texts that, for some ridiculous reason find their way into notes. These neurons like to communicate with chemical messengers called neurotransmitters, which travel across the small void known as the synaptic cleft. When you see that new game of thrones episode and really enjoy watching that part where Daenerys is taking down entire cities, then you're actually enjoying Dopamine and Serotonin. They're neurotransmitters that are actually the only two things you actually enjoy.These chemical messengers are then recieved by neighboring dendrites which in turn start the cycle over.

For more information you can check out Wikipedia. Neurons

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