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Training Nurses to Advocate

Goals and Objectives


This website is intended to be an educational resource on advocating for patients' rights for pre-licensure nursing students at Ohio University.


This website is being created for the pre-licensure nursing students at Ohio University. I am the course Coordinator for the foundational course Fundamental of Nursing. I need a website that I can direct my students to that can assist them in learning how to advocate for their patients and families.

Target Audience

The target audience for this website is for pre licensure nursing students at Ohio University. In addition, this site may assist other disciplines and pre licensure nursing students outside of Ohio University develop skills to assist them in dealing with and providing care to patients and their families in need of advocacy. All of the pre licensure nursing students at Ohio University have some form of web browsing experience. These students have a lot of information toretain and learn to apply to their daily lives. Nursing is both a science and an art and therefore the students need more than mere lectures to learn new information they must learn how to advocate for their patients and families through doing.


  1. This website will provide relevant case studies that will assist the pre licensure students to think critically as they develop skills to advocate for their patients and families.
  2. Visualization of the website will be simple and effective.
  3. To promote an attitude of empathy in the pre licensure nursing student.

Site Map

This site map illustrates the layout for a Foundations of Nursing course that I will be teaching in the spring. This is for an introductory course and I am the course coordinator. All pages in this course are related to advocacy and will be followed by .html. The home page will be were announcements are posted. There are five pages total and they will all provide a case scenario and resources to a particular type of advocacy. I choose the color blue for my course that will accompany the colors I set up on the Black board course. This will help with consistency.

image of sitemap


Home Page Elderly and Geriatrics
Mockup 1 Mockup 2

Competative Analysis

Website health educ
About The Health Education Advocate website is sponsored by the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations. This website lists resources for advocacy related to the field of health education and promotion.
What Works
  • Very appealing colors on the site
  • Sub headings stand out on the gray background
  • Level three heading is a rolling heading- very dramatic
What Doesn't Work
  • Pictures don't relate with the topic on the site
  • The heading 1 is a little too tall and runs into the red border
  • There is a lot of text in the subpages
Website calif
About The California Health Advocates website is a resource for health care workers as well as others. This is an educational website that offers resources to assist the health care worker in advocating for patients in the state of California.
What Works
  • The color scheme is very inviting
  • The headings are well defined
  • The images on the webpage are appropriate
What Doesn't Work
  • There is a Google search box at the top of the page
  • The sub pages are heavy with details
  • There is a lot of space to the right and left of the pages
Website us
About The United States Department of Veterans Affairs website has a subpage that is dedicated to Veteran Health Care and Advocacy. There are many resources that can be accessed by following the listed links.
What Works
  • Navigation bar on the left of the screen is very organized
  • Crisp color scheme for the headers on the page
  • Headings are well defined
What Doesn't Work
  • The back to button is located in the center of the page on the right instead of a the top or bottom
  • The text on the navigation bar is very light and may be hard for some to read
    • Last updated in July
Website care
About This website is the Advocate Health Care out of Illinois. This is an educational site that offers a large amount of information to lay people as well as health care professionals.
What Works
  • The site is very easy to read and follow
  • The navigation bar across the top is a total of three drop down boxes with links to choose specific material
  • The text is appropriate
What Doesn't Work
  • The Google search bar stands out at the top right of the page
  • There is a large red box over top of the image banner that is very distracting
  • There was no tab designated home which made it difficult to navigate back to the home page
Website empower
About The website Trisha Torrey is Every Patient's Advocate is an educational website. This colorful website offers information for health and patient advocates, patients and caregivers, and providers.
What Works
  • Excellent color schema
  • Top navigation bar is very well defined
  • Multiple places to get information
What Doesn't Work
  • Additional contact information is at the very bottom of the screen and outside of the frame
  • None – this is an excellent site
  • None- this is a valuable site

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