As I stated earlier, the thing that I enjoy doing most, is computer gaming. My favorite series would have to be "The Elder Scrolls" series. I love these games because they provide an open world for you too explore. The Elder Scrolls games are very freeform, and you do not have to follow a set path in these games, rather you can just go off and do what ever you want. There is also a very good modding community for the Elder scrolls that make alot of very high quality community made add-ons for the games.

Eve Capital Ship Fleet

Another game that I enjoy playing is EvE Online. EvE Online is an MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). The reason I like EvE is because certain areas of the game are left almost in completely in the players hands. When you go into Zero Security space (Null Sec), There are really no rules that you have to follow. Instead the Null space is controlled by player run alliances and coalitions who set their own rules and govern their space without interference from the developers or game mechanics. Another part of EvE that I love are the fleet battles, whether they are small 20 man fleets, or huge fleets of over 1500 people engaging an equivalent fleet the combat in EvE is perhaps more exciting than in any other game I have ever played. This is enhanced by the fact that the game is very unforgiving, if you loose your ship in a fight it is gone, and you have lost all of the money that has gone into purchasing and equiping your ship. While this makes EvE a very harsh world, it also makes things much more exciting when you are risking a ship that it took you months to acquire.

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