My primary interest is computer gaming. I like to play all kinds of games but my favorite genre would have to be RPGs (Role Playing Games). I love RPGs because most of the have a very good story, wrapped into a fun game. Playing and experiencing that story is one of my favorite parts of gaming, and I think it beats simply reading a book. Some of my favorite games include The Elder Scrolls series, the Mass Effect Series, Eve Online, The Witcher Series, and the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games

I play alot of online games with my gaming clan, the "3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Clan", which I have been a member of for four years. The 3AC clan currently has 190 members on the roster, and I consider many of them to be my friends. I currently am second in command of one of the 3 squadrons that our clan is divided up into, and am currently incharge of preparing our clan for the release of Battlefield 3." I play under the name of SgtGimli, and our website is

Outside of gaming I am interested in several other things including shooting, and model rocketry. I also am an employee of the Skyview Drive in. I am at the end of my fourth year at the Skyview, and I currently do all of the frying at the drive in.

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