Goals and Objectives


This website is being designed to help The Washington and Jefferson Chapter of the Society of Physics Students promote their school club and the activities that they participate in. They are interested in having a space that provides them the following: an opportunity to showcase some of the club's events and trips; a calendar of upcoming club events; a way for prospective and current W&J students to get information about the club; a blog; a forum for physics related topics; and a place for current members to publish their research on the Web.


The Society of Physics Students is a national organization with chapters at many colleges and universities in the United States. The client for this website is the Washington and Jefferson chapter of the society. Most of these students are technical and familiar with computers, but not necessarily interested in social media. They would like the website to be attractive to potential members, but also want it be a place where serious discussions about physics can place and their work can be displayed.

Target Audience

The target audience is prospective and current students of Washington and Jefferson College that are interested in the physics club's activies. As a group, they are undergraduates interested in physics and astronomy. This website will also be a place where professors, and potential employers can learn more about the organization's activities.


  1. To encourage interest in physics among all students at Washington and Jefferson College.
  2. To promote an attitude of service among its members to the student body and faculty of Washington and Jefferson College.
  3. To provide fellowship for students interested in physics at Washington and Jefferson College.
  4. To provide a venue for members to discuss areas of interest in the field of physics.
  5. To offer a venue for members to publish their research.
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