Who has time to read books for fun?

Wow! Three books that I enjoyed. It's been so long since I had time to read for fun. For the past three years I've worked full-time and been a part-time student. I barely have time to get my laundry and dishes done, let alone read for fun. So, I'll go back a few years and write about some very popular books I read.

When my older daughter was 10 or so, my brother- and sister-in-law bought her the first three books of the Harry Potter series. Honestly, we hadn't heard much about them. But my sister-in-law, myself, and my daughter are all "readers." We enjoy reading, so it was a great idea for a Christmas gift.

My daughter read the first book and when she finished I read it. Over the years, I bought my daughter new books as they were released, and then my mother got in on the act. My mother read all seven, and I read all seven. My daughter didn't enjoy them as much and has yet to finish the series.

My husband is not at all interested in reading anything other than hunting and sports magazines. However, he did appease me and attend the first Harry Potter movie. He liked it! So, he went with me to each to release and we saw all seven movies together. Even though he was not interested in reading the books, the movies made it possible for us to discuss the characters and story line and to share the experience that J.K. Rowling imagined in her head so many years ago.


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