Internet Providers Homework Assignment 3

CAS Cable is a cable service that provides internet, television, and phone service. The internet service is received through a cable modem, so customers do not need a phone line to purchase this service. The company sells its internet service in a bundle (with television and phone services) and separately. Customers can purchase internet service only at 2M and 10M speeds. The site does not refer to bits per second. However, 10Mbps is 5 times faster than 2Mbps and fast enough for most customers, even those who participate in online gaming.

HughesNet is a satellite internet service that provides internet service to customers who live in rural areas and do not have access to the internet through a phone service or cable service. The company installs the satellite modem and dish, and the fastest service available is 2Mbps (2,000,000 bits per second). I read in the FAQs that there are many more limitations to satellite internet, such as speed and streaming, but it is good alternative when nothing else is available.

Windstream is the internet service I use. I have the high-speed plus service. This DSL service, through my phone line, has a speed of 6Mbp (6 megabits is 6,000,000 bits per second). While this is not their fastest service of 12Mbps, it is fast enough for my needs.


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