Bailey Bean Barton

Bailey is my two-year-old, Beagle/Chihuahua mix fur-baby. I inherited her from my daughters. My younger daughter brought her home after the prospective owner decided she did not want a puppy. My older daughter said she would love to have her and took her home with her. Disturbingly, my daughters decided to name her Bailey after the liqueur Bailey's Irish Cream. I later learned the options for her name were Bailey or Morgan, as in Captain Morgan. Ah! Young people!

My older daughter took Bailey everywhere. As most young women are, she was very social and always with lots of her friends. This socialized little Bailey and allowed her to bond with my daughter. The combination of socialization and bonding made Bailey a well behaved puppy, whom my daughter could take anywhere. Bailey especially loved car rides and sleeping in my daughter's bed, instead of sleeping in her crate. Additionally, both Bailey and my daughter are afraid of the dark. I blame my daughter for teaching Bailey to be afraid, but I don't really know if that is possible. It's a moot point, as Bailey's fear appears to be irreversible.

When Bailey was almost a year old, my daughter moved back home. I already had two dogs and I did not want a third dog, especially such a young dog. However, I didn't have a choice because we were unable to find a new owner for Bailey. My daughter lived with us for about six months before she found a new place to live and moved out. She thought Bailey was moving with her. But as fate would have it, one of my dogs died of old age during the time Bailey lived with me. My dog was thirteen and I had owned him since he was four months old. Having Bailey around during this time allowed me to divert my attention to her, and I too quickly bonded with her.

That was eighteen months ago, and tonight as I type, Bailey lies at my side, occasionally nudging me, asking for a little attention. Since she came to live with me her name has expanded to include the nickname "Bean." She seems to like it. Now Bailey sleeps with me and her "dad" every night and we often take car rides so she can hang her head out of the window and enjoy all of the smells a beagle's nose can absorb. Additionally, she has become addicted to squeaky toys and three or four toys can be found around the house at any given time. Bailey still loves my daughters, but she is now my dog. Little Bailey Bean Barton.

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