[View of Marietta]
Welcome, This page contains pictues and articles about the Indian Earthworks in Marietta Ohio I will try to site source and author of articles or pictures that I use. I hope that this page will answer any questions that you have on the mounds that you see when traveling through this beautiful city.

Overlook of Marietta Indian Fortifications
[Bird's Eye View]

Early Maps of Marietta's Earthworks
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1786 Turner
1787 Jon Heart
1822 De Witt
1837 Chas Wittlesey
1837 Roux de Rochelle

And finally here is some articles on the Earthworks of Marietta taken from various sources and early works.

History of Washington County by H.Z. Williams & Bro. 1881 Word Format Html Format
Ancient Works at Marietta by J.P. MACLEAN 1902 Word Format Html Format
Howe's Historical Collection of Ohio 1886 Word Format Html Format

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