The picture on the left is a picture of a Dahlia. These flowers are native to Mexico, Central America, and Columbia. There are about 36 species of dahlia in the world. Dahlias are used as food plants by the larvae of some moths and butterflies. It is said that the Aztecs used parts of the dahlia for food and medicines. Dahlia has tuberous roots and showy, rayed, variously colored flower heads. They bloom from mid-summer through fall (until the first frost). There are many different colors of dahlias to choose from and you can plant them in your garden. These flowers need a ton of sun but not much water.


The picture on the right is a picture of a Daylily. They are orginally native to Asia. Daylilies occur as a clump including leaves, the crown, and the roots. Some species of daylily are edible and are used in Chinese foods. The most common colors for daylillies are yellow, red, pink, purple, and melon. Daylilies consist of three petals and three sepals. There are about 20 species known. These flowers need sun to survive. Daylilies bloom from late spring unitl autumn.

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