My name is Rebecca Thompson, however, I prefer to go by Becca. I am a 17 year old senior at Liberty Union High School. I am involved in Girl's Golf, National Honor Society, Marching Band as part of the Color Guard, and Girl's Track. An interesting fact about me is that I recieved my first pair of glasses when I was 15 months old. My hobbies are photography, listening to music, watching movies, and reading. I am making this web page in order to recieve an "A" in my website management class.

I have a great interest in photography. I love taking pictures of nature; it is so beautiful. I also like to take sports pictures. I have taken many pictures over the years and I even had a picture published in a book. I have won awards for my pictures and I plan on submitting my pictues into other contest throughout the next year or two. My future plans are constantly changing. At this point in time I plan to go to a four year college after high school. My major will probably be phtotography or something similar. I am still unsure about attending college out of state. I plan on continuing to participate in golf during college, no matter if the college offers it or not.

I have a secondary plan for college if the photography thing does not workout. This plan still involves going to college for at least 2 years and continuing to participate in golf. However, I would major in Information Technology, because it seems easy. My father is in the Information Technology field so he could help me if need be. Also because of him I already know most of the information that I would be taught at college so the classes may be easy. Inforamtion Technology deals with computers, like the hardware and fixing of computers. I am still unsure about attending college out of state. However, I am 100% sure that I will be arriving to college with a decided major.

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