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Robert Peoples

A  nice set of antennas that I put up for a local ham radio operator.   50, 144 and 432 Mhz beam antennas horizontally polarized.  Also notice the discone and an inverted V.



A corner reflector, an A3 tri-band beam and 3 inverted V antennas.   Such antennas are used in communicating not just around the country but around the world. 

I like many aspects of Electronics but my passion is in Computer and Radio Control.  That is why I enjoy Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) and RC Cars.

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Nice car, not mine but still nice.  Thanks john for the photo.

Every once in awhile, a guy has to go for a ride.

My little Lady

The Jail Bird

xBox 360 thermal problem.

Where does that wire go?   Jumbled mess.

Building a tuned circuit with Decade Boxes.