David M. Rosenthal

Assistant Professor

Department of Environmental and Plant Biology

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio


Selected Contributed Posters and Presentations

David M. Rosenthal1,2, Rebecca A. Slattery2+, Rebecca E. Miller3, Aleel K. Grennan2, Timothy R. Cavagnaro3, Claude M. Fauquet4, Roslyn M. Gleadow3, and Donald R. Ort 1,2 Greater than expected yield stimulation of cassava by future CO2 levels. American Association of Plant Biologists 2012

Rosenthal DM, Matt Siebers, Carl J. Bernacchi, Stephen P Long, Don R. Ort 2010 Does the response of leaf photosynthetic productivity to rising atmospheric temperature and CO2 scale up to the canopy? Ecological Society of America, Pittsburgh.

Ruiz Vera1,UM David M. Rosenthal2, Matt Siebers1, Donald R. Ort1,2 and Carl J. Bernacchi1,2 2010 Smaller than expected increases in integrated photosynthesis and biomass for plants grown at elevated CO2 and temperature under fully open air CO2 fumigation. Presented by Ursula Ruiz Vera, Ecological Society of America, Pittsburgh

Rosenthal DM, Raines CA, Long SP and DR Ort 2009 Over expression of Sedoheptulose 1,7, bisphosphatase (SBPase) significantly improves carbon assimilation at elevated [CO2]. American Association of Plant Biology.

Rosenthal DM, Carl J. Bernacchi, Xin-Guang Zhu and Don R. Ort. 2008

Increased Canopy Temperature Driven by Elevated CO2 Has Little Impact on Predicted Canopy Carbon Assimilation Under Fully Open Air Conditions at SoyFACE. American Association of Plant Biology.

Ramakrishnan A, Trieste Dobberstein(Musial) ,Rosenthal DM, and Mitchell B. Cruzan 2007. Patterns of gene flow and population evolution during a recent range expansion of an invasive plant 2007. Ecological Society of America Meeting

Albert LP, Karoly KM, Rosenthal DM, and MB Cruzan 2007. A test of genetic divergence and local adaptation for Brachypodium sylvaticum, an invasive grass in Oregon. Ecological Society of America Meeting

Brouillette L, Rosenthal DM, Rieseberg L and LA Donovan 2006. Genetic architecture of leaf ecophysiological traits in Helianthus. Ecological Society of America 2006. Poster presented by L. Brouillette.

Rosenthal DM, Cruzan M, Ramakrishnan A, and T. Dobberstein. 2006. Phylogeographic origins of an invasive species: a role for hybridization? Evolution 2006.

Rosenthal DM, Cruzan M, Ramakrishnan A, and T. Dobberstein 2006. The Dynamics of Invasion. EVO-WIBO, Evolutionary Biology in the Pacific Northwest. April 2006.

Rosenthal DM, Ramakrishnan A and MB Cruzan 2006. Hybridization, differentiation and invasion of the pacific northwest by Brachypodium sylvaticum. Botany 2006

Rosenthal DM, Ramakrishnan A and MB Cruzan 2005. Origins and genetic differentiation among populations of the newly invasive grass Brachypodium sylvaticum. USDA/NSF Joint Agency P.I. National Meeting

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Rosenthal DM, Rieseberg LH and LA Donovan. 2005. Can the complex phenotypes of hybrid species be recreated using synthetic hybrids?. Society for the Study of Evolution. Fairbanks, Alaska.

Rosenthal DM and L Donovan 2004. Resource heterogeneity and ecological divergence in sunflowers species of hybrid origin. Ecological Society of America, Portland Oregon.

Rosenthal DM, Ludwig F, Stiller V and LA Donovan. 2003. Differences in plant and soil water relations and nutrient status on contrasting sides of a cold desert ecotone, Botanical Society of America, Mobile, Alabama.

Rosenthal DM, Stiller V, Ludwig, F and LA Donovan. 2003. Patterns of plant and soil

water relations along a cold desert ecotone: significant differences on a small ecological scale. Ecological Society of America, Savannah, Georgia.

Rosenthal DM and LA Donovan. 2001. A wild annual sunflower of hybrid origin and its ancestral parents differ in their relative fitness, biomass allocation and integrated water use efficiency in response to resource availability. Ecological Society of America, Madison, Wisconsin.

Schwarzbach, AE, Donovan LA, Rosenthal DM and Rieseberg LH. 2001. The role of transgressive segregation in hybrid speciation: an example from sunflowers Botanical Society of America. Poster presented by Andrea Schwarzbach

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Rosenthal DM and RL Hartman. 1999. Comparative Floristics of the Wind River Range and the Northern Absaroka Mountains in Northwest Wyoming. XVI International Botanical Congress, St Louis.



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