David M. Rosenthal

Assistant Professor

Department of Environmental and Plant Biology

Ohio University

Athens, Ohio


I am accepting applications for MS and PhD Students. Individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies in any topic related to my research interests should contact me at rosentha at ohio dot edu. Before you apply consider checking out the link below for some useful insights about what to expect in graduate school



General Research Interests :

Global Change Biology -- Plant Physiological Ecology -- Photosynthetic Responses to Climate Change -- Plant Water Relations -- Ecological Genetics -- Population Genetics -- Biological Invasions -- Plant Hybridization -- Speciation

Recent research has evaluated (1) the response of C3 photosynthesis and carbon assimilation to climate change (2) the genetic and morphological responses of invasive plants to founding events and (3) the roles plant hybridization and evolution play in ecological divergence and speciation. I address questions at scales ranging from biochemical to population and community level processes. I have used observational, experimental and modeling approaches to address key biological questions about physiological, genetic, and evolutionary mechanisms that drive individuals and population level processes.




Last modified December 14, 2012

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