From: Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

" . . . any person, however seemingly impossible his circumstances, who develops enthusiasm for something and the fortitude to carry it out can make the most utterly astonishing things happen." [page 160]

"Often our low status in life is not because our abilities are inferior, but because our opinion of ourselves is inferior. Reevaluate yourself. Maybe you're a superior type who has settled for being a lesser personality. If so, make up your mind today, right now, to re-gear your thinking, revise your strategy and rebound from where you are to where you should be. Let the contagion of enthusiasm grip your mind." [page 194]

"Barriers to better life are many and varied. There is, of course, fear. That is a big barrier, indeed. And along with fear goes caution. Proper caution is wise and prudent, but don't be too cautious. The fearful, the timorous, the extra-cautious never surmount the barriers beyond which lie the really wonderful values of this world. Too much caution is actually bad for you." [pages 228-229]


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