From: Positive Addiction

" . . . It is difficult to overemphasize the importance of learning to be non-self-critical as much as we can all of our lives. . . . How we criticize ourselves, however, is vitally important because we must learn to direct our criticism at those activities which it is possible to correct; otherwise we will be too hard on ourselves and may lock ourselves into failure." [page 59]

"The strong brain is . . . almost always lit up and waiting to be set off in a variety of ways. Each then becomes a starting point for many new ways, on and on, enormously expanding, but never coming close to utilizing the expansion potential available in the ten billion neurons we have been given." [pages 66-67]

"If you are competent in anything and you can let your brain spin free while you are doing it, you will experience both more competence and more pleasure than if you keep your brain tightly controlled by conscious effort." [page 75]

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