Twelve Rules for Building Self-Confidence

[page 10]

"There is probably no other habit that chips away at our self-confidence so effectively as the habit of scanning the people around us to see how we compare." [page 25]

"The combination of attributes that constitutes us will never be duplicated. If this is true, and if it is true that we are created by God--an original by a master artist--it makes the exploration and development of that uniqueness an item of the highest priority." [page 26]

"Our responsibility is to take the talents with which we find ourselves and ardently parlay them to the highest possible achievement." [page 28]

"We will have a strong self-image only when we identify our talents and use them diligently." [page 60]

"There is nothing more common than unsuccessful people who have talent, and for many of us, the problem has not been a difficulty in discovering an area of natural aptitude. Rather, it has been in the development of that skill. It is the boring, repetitive sharpening of our skills that will place us beyond the masses. [page 67]

"Creativity implies a certain amount of freedom of expression, abandon, a refusal to worry about what other people are thinking, an ability to laugh at oneself. And for those qualities to grow, one must have a relaxed connection to the memory of one's failures." [page 141]

"I know of no single step one can take to enhance self-confidence that is as important as building a network of accepting, loving relationships." [page 160]

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