The Practice Effect

The Practice EffectBy far this is my favorite book I have ever read. It takes place on a strange new planet that scientist Dennis Nuel travels to. On this planet objects used become better as you use them, such as using a hammer all the time will cause it to become a better hammer and work more effectively. There is a really awesome twist at the end too.


VampiratesMy friend got me started on this series and now I cant stop! Twins Connor and Grace Tempest get thrown into their own epic journeys after their father, the lighthouse keeper of a small town called Crescent Moon Bay, dies and the twins run away. In their attempt to run away on their fathers boat they get separated durring a sea storm. Connor is found by a pirate ship and Grace is found by a vampire ship and their stories unfold from there.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

UnfortunateThis is my favorite series even though it is a little childish. Pretty much the title says it all. The three children Klaus, Violet and Sunny keep having the worst of the worst things happen to them all while they are being chased by Count Olaf who is after their recently deceased parents money. The books are a bit odd but I am very fond of them.

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