MinecraftMountains Minecraft is a game all about creativity. When you create a new world you will find some pretty epic randomly generated scenery like the picture to the right. You start with no materials but you can punch wood to start. Wood and other materials can be used to craft tools like a pickaxe. Recently, a creative game mode was added to Minecraft. In creative you do not need to craft tools or gather resources. You can fly around and build whatever your brain can think of. Once you get the hang of it you will be making some amazing creations!

Zombies If you choose to generate a survival map you will get to fight enemies while you mine and craft away. Originally there were four monsters, zombies, creepers, spiders and skeletons. Many more have been added such as zombie pigmen, slimes, endermen, wolves, ghasts, magma cubes and blazes. Since Minecraft is still a work in progress the fighting system is also a work in progress. New features are being added and its becoming really fun. Creepers will scare the living daylights out of you sometimes!

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