CTCH 127

My name is Ryan Oldham. Like any other 19 year old, I love video games. My favorite games (at the time) are Gears of war (1, 2 and 3), Minecraft and League of Legends. Gears of War is considered a third-person shooter game that is set on a planet called Sera. Mostly the game consists of constant shooting and brutal action. Gears of War has one of the best campaign stories I have ever played through. I just picked up Gears of war 3 and cannot stop playing it! Here is a link to the Gears of War website. Gears of War

Minecraft is a very unique game that is still in development. I have been a part of the Minecraft community since before the game was even in beta testing. The game started as a very simple idea where all you do is place different types of cubes like stone and dirt on a big flat square field of grass to make 3D creations. Very quickly the game progressed to a survival mode where you were placed in a randomly generated world and you could fight zombies, punch trees, build epic fortresses and much more. Right now Minecraft is very close to becoming a full game and getting out of its beta testing phase. Here is a link to the main site (you should really check out this game!) Minecraft

The last game I would like to mention is called League of Legends. I just recently started playing this MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game. I have never played a game quite like this one. To start you choose a character (more commonly refered to as a champion) you would like to play for the match. When playing a match, your champion always starts at level 1. The highest level you can reach in every match is 18. The game is very fast paced (sometimes) and you need to play VERY strategically when you play. Unfortunately, because you are playing with other live people there is no option to pause the game and since each game can last anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour this can sometimes cause problems. After a match your profile levels up and the max level is 30. The creators of League of Legends add new champions and game styles a lot so it never seems to get boring. Here is the link to the website. League of Legends

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