I have travelled the United States quite a bit, and I have been to several places. I have been to the national parks of Utah, I have seen the Grand Canyon, and been to Yellowstone National Park twice. I go to NASCAR races a few times a year, and visit some other small destinations across the nation yearly. Of all of the places I have been I feel like Washington D.C., and the surrounding area, is my favorite place. I have been there twice, once with the marching band and once with my parents, and both times I felt like there was much more that could be seen within a week.

To the right is a photograph, and link, of the Washington MonumentWashington Monument
I enjoy taking pictures, and Washington D.C. has a lot of different things to take pictures of. Whether it is the memorials, museums, or the people, I can always find something to photograph.Some of my other photographs are available at my Flickr
Though my Flickr and this website lack many pictures from Washington D.C., with more time I could easily fill up my servers with pictures from just there alone.Top of Page

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