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I'm currently a fifth year senior studying computer science, so programming is one of my major interests. Though Ohio University mainly teaches C++, none of my major strengths are within C++. I was an intern at Hyland Software for the last two summers, where I worked with ASP.NET in C#. ASP.NET is a method to allow a web server to dynamically create a web page for a user rather than a static html page. My programming languages of strength are C#, Java (for Android), and all of the web-based languages. I have experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and have used external libraries such as jQuery.

I have a personal website that is publicly available at RKARA.US, and I have also worked on several public websites for commercial use. I completed OSI Plastic's website from scratch, which is bringing them more sales. Condo Trucking LLC and HD Shooters Solutions wanted simple websites to bring more customers in.

Along with web development, I have also done quite a bit of mobile development. I have worked a bit with Android and Windows Store, and am currently learning how to develop for iOS. Of all of my applications Bitcoin Tracker is doing the best. It currently has over 1400 downloads. My first mobile application was GeoLocation, which is an application to allow users to post locations to a server. These locations can be used for geo caching or just to simply put them there for fun.

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