Dr. Dennis Ries, Ph.D., CCC-A  

Pitch, Intensity and Location Discrimination: Investigates the discrimination of a standard tone and a comparison tone within a retention interval. The retention interval may either be silence or contain interfering stimuli. It has been found that interfering stimuli increase the just noticable difference between the standard and comparison tones.

Behavioral Assessment and Self-Report of Cognition, Communication and Hearing During Controlled Glucose Monitoring: For this study, the auditory perception lab tests patients with Type 1 diabetes to determine if blood glucose levels have an affect on hearing. The middle ear status is evaluated using acoustic immittance testing and pure tone audiometry, and the cochlear status is tested using pure tone audiometry and evoked otoacoustic emissions.

Auditory Scene Analysis Sound Demonstrations:

Stream Segregation: High and low tones are alternated; as the cycle is repeated the perception of the high low pitch alternation segregates into separate high and low pitch streams.

Continuity Illusion: Three noise bursts (soft, medium, and loud) are presented repeated with no silent gaps between them; an illusion is perceived where the soft noise burst seems to continue through the medium and loud noise bursts.

Residual: A noise burst centered around a low frequency and a noise burst centered around a higher frequency are alternated, with the lower noise burst containing the frequencies of the higher noise burst. What is perceived is a continuous low frequency noise with a higher frequency noise popping out of it.