CTCH 1270

Programming is a hobby for me. I don't only code for class, but enjoy programming outside of class as well. It's hard for me to find as much time to program as I would like between classes and work though. I am very excited to learn more about web based programming in this course, as I have only worked with a few small web projects in the past.

In the time that I do find for programming outside of class I like to pursue game development. While it is a very ambitious goal I figure why not have fun with programming. I have recently been experimenting with the XNA extension for Visual Studio.

For anyone who is interested Visual Studio is free for students, if you don't already have a copy just head over to Dream Spark and log in with your email and you can download Visual Studio right there! After that you can download the XNA extension: msxna.codeplex.com/releases

For help getting started there is also a great tutorial available for free online: www.xnadevelopment.com/tutorials

The tutorial provides a great introduction to the XNA extension. And for anyone who hasn't worked with sprites or object movement, this provides a great entry point. The tutorial even covers some collision detection.

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