My research focuses on evolution of diversity. For my dissertation project, I am investigating morphological evolution in the avian caudal skeleton. I am using phylogenetically-informed comparative methods to understand pattens of variation in this novel morphological structure, the relationship between anatomy and behavior/ecology and phenotypic covariation/integration.

    Other projects have included developing new comparative methods for evaluating modularity, exploring ontogenetic shape change in Theropod dinosaurs, and an investigation the relationship between locomotor habit and vertebral proportions in both Permian synapsids and Cretaceous crocodyliforms.

    I have participated in paleontological field work in Utah, Wyoming, and, as part of the Rukwa Rift Basin Project, in southern Tanzania.

PhD Candidate

Ohio University

Department of Biological Sciences

107 Irvine Hall

Athens, OH 45701

Advisor: Patrick O’Connor

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