The rest of my summer plans may seem a little boring, but I have already had my fun traveling and visiting. Hopefully I can get a little more fun time in before summer is over.

This summer I plan to remodel my bedroom. I have cleaned out closets and taken many things to Goodwill. Painting is the next step. I have purchased the paint and it is ready for me to get it on the walls! The next step is picking out new flooring. Putting down new flooring will be the biggest job because everything needs to be moved out of the room. I have material to make new curtains too. I have many ideas for wall decorations from Pinterest, so that will be work in progress.

My garden will be getting ready for harvest soon. Maintaining the garden has fell behind because of all the rain we have had. I have not been able to use the tiller and the weeds are taking over. Hopefully the rain will stop and the ground will dry up enough to use the tiller. Otherwise I will need to continue to pull weeds. Home grown tomatoes will reward me for my efforts!

By the time August is here, it will be time to start preparing for the school year. I have many classroom decoration I want to implement this year. I have had a similar bulletin board for several years and it is time for a change. Lesson plans need to be prepared as well as assessments.

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