Using the Ohio sun, the bis S-bonded isomer of [Ru(pic)2(dmso)2] can be converted to the the bis O-bonded isomer. Shown in real time is a short movie we collected of this process. A dichloromethane solution was deposited on a piece of filter paper, leaving just the compound after solvent evaporation. The letters OU should appear in approximately 30 seconds. The person in the video is Dr. Aaron Rachford. The video was collected by Dr. Nick Mockus. March 2006.

(See Dalton Transactions 2007, 3245-3251.)

This video shows the visible changes associated with isomerization of two sulfoxides bound to ruthenium in [Ru(bpy)2(OSSO)]2+. Chemdraw structures of the three isomers and the OSSO ligand structure are shown below. The bis S-bonded isomer features a MLCT absorption maximum near 350 nm and a solution of this material is essentially colorless. The mixed S,O bonded isomer displays a maximum near 400 nm and the bis O-bonded isomer absorbs near 500 nm. This solution is irradiated with a 355 nm pulsed Nd:YAG laser (3 mJ/pulse). The changes here are recorded in real time. Due to the poor stirring in the sample, the top portion of the solution is not mixed with the irradiated volume. It provides a nice contrast throughout the video of the color of the original solution.

(see Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 1458-1461.)

Photoconversion Scheme