Summer and Fall Favorites

This summer and fall are going to be very fun for my family. My son, Levi, is 2.5 years old. He loves going and doing everything he can! I can't wait to go swimming with him, which was one of my favorite things to do as a little one too. We will also be camping as much as we can.

This year will be the second year that we take Levi to the Fairfield County Fair! I am so excited to let him see all of the animals and eat all the yummy food. I cannot wait. Fair-time marks the beginning of fall for me; I love the smells and all the food. I am sure Levi will love the fair as much as I do.

Levi with long hair hostas Levi

Another thing I really enjoy doing in the summer and fall is watching my partner play music! He used to play with a band called "In Love with Last Night", but he mostly plays with his friend Danny now. They play shows or just hang out in the garage. Take a look at one of the last shows they played as "In Love with Last Night". Joshua Levi Jenkins is the one playing bass in the first song but in the second song he takes back his 6 string to jam in a not-so-love song.

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