What do I plan on doing this summer?

I plan on having as much fun as my schedule will allow! I am taking 4 classes this session, and of course keeping my full (and a half I might add) time job. Work and school keeps me very busy in the evenings, but I try to do my best to have some fun before it's time to open the books for the evening. My son loves to play in the water, so this summer I'm sure we will be playing in the hose in the back yard.

Sometimes the hose isn't enough though. We are very fortunate to have friends who live in a private community with a pool! Levi, my son, loves the pool. He is always afraid at first but eventually he warms up and starts kicking and playing. I really hope to make as much time as I can for my little one this summer, you can't get these memories back!

Let's not forget that it is summer after all. There may be an occasion or two that you will catch me reading the newspaper and sipping on an iced-cold beer.

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