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Good day! My name is Phylicia VanZandt, and I am a student of Ohio University, Lancaster Campus, among other things of course. I am a mother of a wonderful 2 year old son, Levi. I work full time as the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Supervisor for Fairfield Medical Center/Fairfield Healthcare Professionals where I support the application on one application server, three terminal servers, a database server, and soon to be a web patient portal server too! We have over 40 providers and 200 users on the system; I supervise the Help Desk and 10 staff members.

My main interests include my work, being a mom, and just about any outdoor activity that I can find time for. My family and I camp on some land we own in New Lexington, Ohio. We do this every weekend we can. My son loves to camp. Our campsite has a creek running through it where Levi catches crawdads and toads (which I could live without). His dad is teaching him how to fish and do other manly things of the sort.

I also love to read. Anytime I have downtime, let's say during my 2 year olds nap, I grab a book and read. As a present last Christmas I received a Kindle Fire HD, this allows me to read whatever I want, whenever I want. I love it! The last novel I read was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoyed the book, but it didn't take me long to read until I was on to the next.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about me. I certainly am looking forward to this class and getting to know you all better!

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