Museum of Radio and Technology, Inc. to Unveil The West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Aug 1, 2006

Contact:  Tom Resler at or at (304)-389-5585

     The Museum of Radio and Technology in Huntington, WV will induct sixty one charter members into the West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame at a ceremony on Saturday, September 16, 2006 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  The ceremony is to be held at the museum located at 1640 Florence Avenue in Huntington.

     Tom Resler, museum past president and chairman of the Hall of Fame committee, says “West Virginia has a proud tradition in broadcasting and each of these inductees represents a part of that legacy.”  Resler encourages anyone with photos, biographical materials or family contact information to get in touch with him at or at (304)-389-5585.

     A portion of the museum was renovated to house the hall of fame with support from the Foundation for the Tri-State. The museum, founded in 1991, features hundreds of radio and TV exhibits and maintains a library of broadcasting history. The Charter inductees into the West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame are:

Charles Ryan                    WSAZ, WCHS and public relations

Bos Johnson                     WSAZ, Marshall U. professor

Chuck Woolery                 Game show host

Bob Denver                      Actor

Dagmar                             Actor

Don Knotts                        Actor

Herbert Morrison              WMMN, WVU Professor/Hindenberg disaster

Grandpa Jones                 WWVA, WMMN/Hee-Haw

Gene Morehouse               WWNR/Former voice of the Thundering Herd

Jack Fleming                     WAJR/Former voice of the Mountaineers

Shott Family                      WHIS/Bluefield broadcasting

Noah Adams                       National Public Radio

Jim Thacker                         WSAZ/various networks - sportscaster

Ed Rabel                             CBS news, University of Charleston Professor

Peter Marshall                     Game show host

Soupy Sales                         Comedian

Jule Huffman                         WSAZ/Mr. Cartoon

Marilyn Fletcher                     Romper Room/WV Broadcasters Assn. Exec. Dir.

Bill Kelley                               WCHS, WSAZ photographer/videographer

Bill Stewart                             WSAZ,ABC newscaster-correspondent

Bob Bowen                             WSAZ sportscaster

Bill Richards                           WCHS weathercaster

Col. J. H. Long                        Owner-WSAZ

Dean Sturm                             WSAZ Saturday Night Jamboree

D. J Schroeder                         WSAZ weathercaster

Farmer Bill Click                   WSAZ Farm Report

Harry Brawley                            WCHS, WV Public Broadcasting System

Howard Chernoff                    WCHS, First president of WVBA

Jane Martin                             WKAZ radio, WCHS-TV

Jay Randolph                          Former voice of the Mountaineers/network sports

John P. Clay                           Engineer WSAZ

Katie Doonan                          WTAP, WCHS,  WHTN, WSAZ - Katie’s Kitchen

Leo MacCourtney                  WOWK General Manager

Neil Boggs                               WSAZ, NBC newscaster/correspondent

Nick Basso                              WSAZ newscaster

Shirley Love                            WOAY-TV personality

George Andrick                       WSAZ General Manager

Al Sahley                                WHMS/, WKAZ disk jockey/personality

Bill & Martha Becker             WVOW owners

Bud Burka                               WTIP Sales Manager/personality

Cap, Andy and Flip                WWVA, WCHS musicians/personalities

Capt. John Kennedy               Founder-West Va. Network

Connie B. Gay                         WTCR, Founding President Country Music Assn.

Dale Miller                              WAJR/WVAQ, WV Broadcasting Corp. President

Ernie Saunders                        WCHS sportscaster

George Smith                          WWVA, founder WWVA Jamboree

Gus Zaharis                            WTIP owner

Hugh McPherson                    WCHS/WV PBS talk show host

Jane Hobson                           WSAZ personality

Joe Farris                                WGKV, WCHS newscaster/news director

John Strobel                            Founder-WWVA

Mel Burka                               WTIP General Manager

Nick Fantasia Sr.                     WTCS owner

Noel Richardson                     Engineer, WV Radio Corp.

Paul Howard                           WCAW, WCHS programming and management

Pete Stenger                            WSAZ morning personality

Ross Felton                             WWVA General Manager

Shirley Annand                       WTIP personality

Sleepy Jeffers                         WTIP, Kanawha Valley Jamboree musician/personality

Tony Gonzalez                       WWNR General Manager

Walter Fredericks                    Founder of WCHS