Ohio University School of Music Promotion and Tenure:

20012-2013 School of Music Promotion and Tenure Committee:
Roger Braun, Christopher Fisher, Kamile Geist, Mark Phillips (chair),and Richard Suk
Note: Steven Huang served fall semester as an alternate for Roger Braun, who was on sabbatical.

Note: This is not an official university website, but I try to keep this site active and up-to-date to provide links still useful to the current committee and to candidates going through the process.  If you have questions about current P&T matters, please contact Mark Phillips, current chair of the P&T Committee.


1) Current versions of the School of Music Promotion and Tenure document and the Faculty Annual Review (FAR) Guidelines, etc., are now available on the Music section of the College of Fine Arts.  (
Note: Candidates for promotion and/or tenure will need refer to both of these in order to complete their documentation.)


2) Link to a time line of important P&T dates, "events," and activities.  The dates listed are based on the old quarter-system calendar.  These dates remain under effect for the 2012-2013 P&T cycle.  Watch for new dates to take effect next cycle (2013-2014).