Mark Phillips: Fall 2016
First Draft of Teaching Schedule
Wed-Friday lessons will be held this week (8/24-26)
Monday lessons will be held next week (8/29)

Monday (8/29)
Tuesday Wednesday (8/24)
Thursday Friday (8/26)

Pres. Research Scholar Committee
(this week only)


office (this week only)

12:00 office/Max help sessions
office/Max help sessions
office/Max help sessions
1:00 Logan Cull

office/Max help sessions
Morgan Seig, Li Shang, Rebekah Thompson,
2:00 Bobby Lucas

Zachary Bolon & TR Beery

TJ Malloy, Jasper Shell, Eric Lee
3:00 Max Class (MUS 4170/5170)

Max Class (MUS 4170/5170)
Max Class (MUS 4170/5170)
4:00 Composition Seminar

office/Max help sessions 
office/Max help sessions 
office (by apt.)

office (by apt.)



New Music


New Music

I am usually available for questions and brief consultations near the top of the hours ... c.5 minutes either side.
Additional hours beyond those posted are available by appointment. Email me to set up an appointment.

Special Considerations:
September 5-9 ::: Unavailable all week. Attending KISS 2016
September 23-24  ::: West Fork New Music Festival
Monday, October 3 - Reading Day (University scheduled; no classes)
November 10-12 - out of town for this event or click here for event schedule)