The School of Music "semi-official" overview of
Dates and Deadlines
Associated with Promotion and Tenure

color-coded and in order; beginning with the first deadline associated with a single promotion decision.

responsible party
c. April 1
(source: SoM  P&T document)
Notification (in writing) of all candidates undergoing a midpoint review, all candidates undergoing a tenure review, and all candidates eligible for promotion.
School Director
April 15
(source: CoFA P&T document)
Submission of a list of 4 potential external reviewers all candidates for promotion/tenure
last week of classes
(no later than)
(source: SoM P&T document)
Election to replace outgoing School of Music P&T committee members.
School Director (with P&T Chair)

end of Spring Semester

(no later than)
(source: CoFA and SoM P&T documents)
  • School P&T committee will submit current revision of P&T document for approval by the school faculty.
  • Newly elected P&T Committee will convene and elect a new chair.
  • School committee will complete the final list of at least 6 possible external evaluators. The final list must represent recommendations from both the candidate and committee.

SoM P&T Committee
June 1
(source: CoFA P&T document)

All potential
external reviewers contacted in writing

School Director
1st day Fall Semester
(source: CoFA P&T document

The confirmed list of evaluators will be determined.

School Director
(with P&T Chair)
September 1
(source: CoFA P&T document)
submission of external reviewers packets
all candidates for promotion/tenure
2nd Friday in September
(source: CoFA P&T document)
submission of Tenure/Promotion document
request for progress letter

all candidates for promotion/tenure

September 15
(source:Faculty Handbook)
Tenured faculty eligible for promotion request letter of evaluation from chairperson if desired. (Probationary faculty receive evaluation letter annually without requesting one.)
tenured faculty eligible for promotion -- IF interested in receiving a progress letter.
October 15
(source: SoM P&T document)
External Review Letters Due
P&T Chair should oversee this process and ensure that letters have been submitted
October 15
(source: My suggestion)
All requested division and area input regarding progress toward tenure and/or promotion must be submitted to the P&T Committee
Area Coordinators and Division Chairs
announced each year
(source: tradition/Director)
Faculty Annual Reports Due
(not really a P&T committee deadline ... but included here for convenience and thoroughness)
Due Dates
Group I non-tenured – October 1, 2013
Group II and IV – November 1, 2013
Group I tenured – December 1, 2013
Last Day of Fall Semester Exams
(source: Faculty Handbook)
Chairperson notifies faculty member in writing of departmental recommendation for promotion and/or tenure. Dossiers go to Dean’s office by first day of Spring semester. SoM Director &
SoM P&T Committee
January 15
(source: "traditional")
P&T Committee's Progress Toward Tenure reports for probationary faculty are due to the Director
SoM P&T Committee
February 1
(source: Faculty Handbook)
Annual P&T progress letters for all probationary faculty and those who requested a letter by the September 15th deadline
(Also ... all merit evaluation letters are delivered.
P&T committee
SoM Director
Spring Semester
Typically in March-April
(source: "tradition")
1) Supervise faculty evaluation of School Director for CoFA dean (when applicable)
2) Prepare any necessary revisions of documents for faculty vote of adoption
SoM P&T Committee
other P&T deadlines of interest
March 1
(source: Faculty Handbook)
College Deans will notify candidates of a denial of Promotion/Tenure sent up by the schools
College Deans
April 1
(source: Faculty Handbook)
Provost will notify candidates of a denial of Promotion/Tenure sent up by the colleges Provost

important disclaimer:
I created this page mainly to help organize and manage the work of the School of Music's P&T committee when I was its chair ... and (hopefully) to improve communication with School of Music candidates as well as with its director.  Even when I am not the chair of the P&T committee, I attempt to keep it up-to-date as best I can.  However ... it should NOT  be viewed as an official university document and I assume no responsibility for errors it may contain.