Nicolae H. Pavel
Professor, Mathematics







On numerous occasions, I have delivered talks in my area, at several universities and countries throughout the world, such as : USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, South Korea.  A few samples of abstracts are given below.

Abstract: N. H. Pavel, Distributed parameter control for the periodic
wave equation with $x$-dependent coefficients, in Abstracts of Sixth Internat.Coll. Diff.Equations,p. 170, Plovdiv-Bulgaria, 1995.

Abstract: N. H. Pavel, On the dependence of $I + S(u)$ on $u$ and 
applications to PDE, in Abstracts of AMS, Vol.16, Nr.1(1995), p. 103.

Abstract: N. H. Pavel, On the problem of flow invariant sets with respect to Volterra integral equations, in  Volterra Centennial Symposium,
Univ. of Texas at Arlington, 1996, p.34.

Abstract: N. H. Pavel, Closed range weak or mild solution operators and non convex optimal control in terms of generalized gradients, in Abstracts of AMS, Vol.21, Nr.1(2000), 
p. 91.

  I have also written many  papers and books discussing different mathematical subjects. To view  a complete list of each click on the links above. 

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