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My Summer will be spent doing a lot of things in the great outdoors. Road trips are alwaya a plus in the summer because you can just get in the car and go, southern ohio has a lot to offer in just a small amount of travel time.

I have taken up the fine art of container farming. Just the aspect of using someting that would have been considered trash as a container to grow food in is interesting. I have sweet potatoes, habnero, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries growing in containers. I also have a blueberry bush growin in a container as well. So far the results are looking pretty good.

I also plan to do more studying of the various martial arts of the world, what their respective similariets are and what are the differences between them, looking to see if there is anything in common between them. Also looking forward to getting more information on my own home system as well.

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