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My Name is Mud and I enjoy spending my time doing a variety of different things throughout the summer. Outdoor activites are always a plus during the summer. Our Family enjoys as much fun in the sun as we can get. Kayaking is always a plus in the warmer months, nothing better than a lazy creek and good friends to wash your cares away. This year we are taking the leap into hammock camping, from all of my research it is just all the rage!

I have been an Installation Specialist for Radiant Sytems, which has given me the opportunity to travel the country while working. As an Installation Specialist, I have personally overseen the installation of over one hundred P.O.S. Systems from the ground up.

I have studied the martial science of Bando since the early 1990's. My first instructor was Saya Billy Hawkins. After a few years with Saya Hawkins, I had the pleasure of training under Saya Al Cooke. After a few years with Saya Cooke I had the pleasure of meeting with my current Saya, Saya Jr Byrd, whom I have been training off and on with for the past fifteen years. If you are interested in more information on Bando click here---> Bando Website

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