Everybody has their own getaway or place they'd like to go. Well, mine probably isn't exactly as tropical as most peoples' would be. The place I would love to go revolves greatly around my most favorite interest: soccer. That being said, my favorite place to go would definately have to be England. England is a huge soccer center in the world, much like America is with football, but I would pick soccer over football everyday of the week. England is home to several professional soccer teams, beautiful soccer venues, and has some of the most enthusiastic and die-hard fans of soccer. England also, happens to be home to my favotire professional soccer team: Manchester United. So needless to say, I would love to go to England mainly for its soccer atmosphere. This wouldn't be the only reason however.

soccer stadium

London bridge

England would be a great place to go for its soccer "culture", but that's not the only reason I would love to go there. England just happens to be relatively close to several other countries I would love to visit. Other places I would probably go are places like Ireland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and even though it isn't relatively close, Japan. Atleast two of thoes countries also share good qualities of soccer culture like England, namely Spain and Germany. I would pay a visit to Ireland because I love some of the Irish culture, and that is where some of my heritage is from. Now, Japan isn't super close to England, but I would still have to visit it because I love video games and many of them come from Japan or atleast start there. The Netherlands is just somewhere additionally I'd like to visit for various reasons.

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