I don't really read much. However, there are 3 books that I have read, that I really enjoyed.

Books I've read Why I enjoyed them
Persepolis I really enjoyed this book because it is based on a true story about a girl who grew up in Iran during the years when Iran began to reform and become modernized like most western countries. Also, the book was kind of like a really big cartoon book with drawings and animations in it. The pictures and animations really helped with creating the story and helping me stay interested in it. As well, it was very interesting to read about the life of someone from a different culture than mine. This really made me wonder how different cultures came to be and why they do the things they do.
In the Time of Butterflies This book was very interesting. This book was also based on a true story like Persepolis was. This book was about four sisters in the Dominican Republic during the rule of the political dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. What really made me interested in this story was it almost felt like 4 books in one because each chapter is narrated by a different sister. Each sister told the story in their own words, what was happening and what they were involved in during their lives. The big thing about each sister was that only one sister's feelings were exact because she is the only surviving sister of the four, so all the other sisters' feeling were somewhat guessed to a point. The struggle that these girls had to endure while under the rule of a dictator really got me because I don't live in a time like they do, nor under the rule of a dictator like they did. It was really hard to put this book down.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows This book was by far the most enjoyable for me to read. I practically grew up with the Harry Potter series. I watched all the movies and really enjoyed them, but the last book in the series was sadly the only book I read. I absolutely had to know how the series ended, and it was really worth it. What made this book enjoyable was that it was one of the very few books that I actually chose to read. The book was really hard to put down. Reading through all the chapters made me overflow with curiosity because I needed to know what happened next and a lot of the stuff Harry and his companions had to go through was really emotional and really entrancing. This was really the best book I read and definately made me enjoy the movie once it came out.

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