IPv6 Technology

Technology, more specifically the internet, is an ever-changing entity. Like people, it has evolved over time to become more and more advanced and capable of doing thousands of different things. However, there is one little issue that is disallowing people to have their share of the internet. The fact is Earth is becoming ever so populated that: WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF IP ADDRESSES TO GIVE THEM!

So what's the problem exactly? The problem is that with current IPv4 addressing, the world is allowed up to right around 4.3 billion unique addresses ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6) with current IPv4 addressing, and those unique addresses are quickly running out. In case you don't know what IPv4 addressing is, it is the current way for assigning an IP address to a host computer using a 32 bit address ranging from All addresses are unique and you shouldn't see another like it. Like I said, that is the problem, we're running out of those unique addresses for people to use.

The solution to this problem is simple, and that is to implement the use of IPv6 for assigning addresses. I'll explain exactly what IPv6 is next.

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