Coaching soccer

Everything comes to an end some day, so I've decided to pick up something extra that allows me to be around soccer. That something is coaching.

Becoming a coach isn't as easy as walking up to a school and asking for the position; there are various requirements.pupil activity permit

One of those requirements is this certificate, which is earned through a PAP (pupil activity permit) class.

I, along with every other coach in the state of Ohio, had to this class and a few others in order to be counted among our respective school's coaching staff.

Being a coach is important. ball and pennies

As a coach, I am responsible for setting up drills for the players to work on and for making sure the players have all the proper equipment to practice and to participate in games.

Some of the equipment I am responsible to for having at practice are size 5 soccer balls, both for practice and NFHS regulation balls for home games, and multi-colored pennies.

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