The one thing that I am most interested in is soccer. I've played soccer since I was in fourth grade and still play today. I like soccer because it helps keep me active, allows me to hangout with friends, and allows me to be competitive. I will always love the game of soccer.

Soccer is played by two teams of 11 on a field about as large as a football field, but the field is actually slightly larger. The object of the sport is to out score the opposing team in the allowed time, which is usually 80 to 90 minutes plus stoppage time. A goal is scored by dribbling the soccer ball and kicking it into the other teams goal. Soccer is also like any other sport in that it has many rules that need to be followed, and those rules are typically enforced by referees.

Soccer has provided me with more than a sport to play. The sport has provided me with a source of inspiration to follow while I am playing. My inspiration for playing the game comes from Landon Donovan, who is one of the sport's best players and also is my favorite player. Landon Donovan plays the sport with a passion that I can only hope to aspire to reach. The link located in this page is related to Landon Donovan.

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