CTCH 1270

My name is Natasha Miller and one of my interest include taking care of my dogs. My dogs are my best friends. About two years ago my son got a dog for his birthday. His name is Spooky and he is our male. I named him Spooky because every move I made it spooked him and he ran under our couch to hide. He is a Boston Terrier and has brindle mixed in him from his parents.

They take alot of my time and care. I thought long and hard what to do about finding my dog a mate or getting him clipped. It was until just recently I had come across a female Boston Terrier online and I thought I had to have her, she was perfect,and so I bought her for spooky. Her name is Sookie and she is almost 7 months old. She looks identical to what Spooky was when he was a puppy. She has pretty much the exact markings as he did when he was a puppy.

They get along so well, I was actually surprised how quickly they get along together. They are inseparable where he goes she goes, and vice versa. Now that I have a mate for him I plan on mating them when she is around two years old. It's going to be amazing to see my little girl having puppies. This is something that most people with female dogs get to expierence, but this is my first time that i will get to experience this. I am just so excited that I found someone for him and that I don't have to get him fixed since he is a purebred.

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