My Favorite Books


Today we are asked to discuss 3 of our favorite books. I would like to begin with one of my most favorites by Stephen King. King has many good books but I would say that I enjoyed Pet Cemetery the most. Thinking of how all those pets got buried and then came back to life would have been neat to see, as long as they were not mean. There have been a few of my pets I wish I could bring back to life thats for sure. Even knowing that it is a make belive story I always wondered what if. My wife is in the Stephen King fan club plus book club so we have most of his books and even a picture of his creepy fence around his property. Pet Cemetery got really creepy when the man tried to bury his kid but not knowing the results he did it anyway. The child did indeed return in the life form and began to murder everyone that he came into contact with even his parents. This is why I like the SYFY type books you never know whats going to happen next.

Next I would like to talk about one book I use quite often. It is called the Clousers Flies by Bob Clouser. This book teaches people how to tie flies. It gives step by step insctructions and shows what materials that will be needed. When making the flies I often wonder what will I catch on this fly. But the book tells you what you could catch on the particular fly that is if you're willing to tie. Some are harder than others as the book tells but there are books with beginner lessons in them for first timers. But I as I stated this is the book I refer to quite often because it holds patterns in there that I know catch fish so I tend to keep using those patterns.

Finally I will talk about what I used to read. I liked any kind of book about Indian History. I read about Blue Jacket, Tecumseh and many other great Indians. One of my favorite Indian books were about Sitting Bull he was a powerfull chief. Indians endured a lot as we all came here to settle in, we stole their land and put them through the wringer. They were excellent hunters, trackers and made awesome clothing. I feel bad for what has happened to them but not all Indians were nice. Crow Indians were mean, they were violent and did what ever they wanted.

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