This is my favorite football team

This is Brady Quin and his teamThis is one of my favorite places to go. Today Norte Dame is doing what is called a scrimmage game where they play each other also known as their spring game. This was the first time I had ever been to that campus and it was amazing. I usually don't like a crowd of people because I get kind of anxious when being around big crowds. But today was different. I really enjoyed myself at this beautiful college campus. After walking around and taking pictures of everything I could see, I then went and watched the game with front row seats and I was almost on the feild.

After the game I got to meet some players and the chearleaders.After enjoying the game I got to meet some of the players and chearleaders when they were leaving the feild. In this photo I got taken with this lovely freshman chearleader named Christine who also auto-ghraphed my hat with a gold pen along with some of the players. This campus to me by far has been the most beautiful campuses I have ever been on. Notre Dame sports has always been my favorite team for football to basketball mens and womens. The church on the campus was a Catholic church and inside was just outstanding the beauty that was there everything looked as if it were gold like real gold I was blown away. They also have a Grotto where they go to pray. They light a candle here at this site which I wanted to take part but knew nothing about it so I just watched as others kneeled and prayed.