CTCH 127

The three top choices in my area are as follows, ATandT, Time Warner, and AOL. So lets talk about ATandT first there fastest they have is 24 mbps and there slowest they have is there dial up service which can consist of only having 20kbs at a time very slow. The fastest they offer is priced at 63 dollars per month and there slowest can be as cheap as 20 dollars per month. They offer 3 types of service in my area they consist of DSL,WIFI and Dial-Up. The WIFI connection allows you to be able to log on where every they have have a WIFI connection free of charge, well I mean with there service.

Now let's take a look at what my next choice is. Time Warner, they offer fiber optic, and cable internet services. There cable modem is much faster than that of a DSL modem. They offer a variety of speeds at a variety of cost the faster you want to go the more money it will cost you. But just like ATandT they want to try and sell you more than 1 service they offer bundling to try and save you money. The fatest they have is 50mbps at a cost of one hundred dollars per month. There slowest is at speeds of 10 mbps and there was no price availible. But as of right now fiber optic is the fastest on the market right now, unfortantly its not in my area.

AOL is another ISP provider thats used from our town. These guys offer everything from dial-up to dsl, to cable and even satellite. There DSL service is speeds of 1.5 mbps to 24 mbps and starting prices at around 10 dollars per month. But for some folks who can't get DSL or Cable in there area there forced to go with slow dail-up or a little bit faster satellite services. So let me tell you about there satellite service it cost roughly around six hundred dollars to have it installed and set up and costs 60-90 dollars per month, with speeds at 500-1000 kbps much slower than that of a DSL. Now for there dial-up service they will give there customers a free month to get set up and get started and then they charge a price at around 7 dollars per month with speeds listed at 40-50 kbps but are usually more around the 15-20 kbps mark due to line noise.

As a conclusion in my opinion I would love to have the fiber optic service because I do some on-line gaming with an xbox, but also do all my school work from home. Unfortantly its not offered here so I chose to go with the cable at Time Warner little pricey but worth the money.

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